Friday, July 3, 2009

Top ten reasons Delaware needs live, local television.

  1. Philly heeds, but only if it bleeds, burns or looks like a corporate take-over

  2. One of the oldest Black cultural celebrations in the country happens here, but you won’t find coverage on the CW Philly.

  3. Paris Hilton at Toddler’s Tech.

  4. When The VeeP, Spike Lee, Ryan Phillippe or Bill Cosby comes to call, Philly has no film at 11

  5. A Delaware icon dies, an entire state mourns, but Philly coverage is hard to find.

  6. In Delaware, fun in the sun means a trip to the beach -- not the shore.

  7. Our world-class bikers bank down Market Street, not Manayunk.

  8. Great jazz at the Clifford Brown Festival - one of the largest in the Northest - but you won't see TV-10 news.

  9. An estimated 65-thousand attended St. Anthony's Italian Festival last year, but where-o-where is that Action News van?

  10. We celebrate Memorial Day on May 30!!!

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