Thursday, July 2, 2009

Today's Matt Lauer Visits Neverland; Interviews Jermaine Jackson

Okay. There's no secret that I've always been fond of Jermaine Jackson. I found this interview with Jermaine by Today's Matt Lauer to be heartbreaking. Jermaine vehemently states he doesn't believe Michael abused prescription drugs, even when pushed by Laurer to acknowledge the possibility. Interestingly enough while the media vultures are having a field day with police accounts they found drugs at Michael's residence, there has been no inquiry why it took the LA police department -- which has previously sworn under oath in previous cases to have planted evidence at the scene -- two days after their initial swarm of the premises to allegedly discover these secret meds. Again, thank goodness for Jackson's family having the where-with-all to conduct their own autopsy separate from the one conducted by LA police.

It should all be familiar. The LA police pulled no punches trying to convict MJ of child molestation, a charge from which Jackson was later ACQUITTED. Reportedly the investigation was one of the most costly to the state. The tab media has been quick to mention Jackson's child molestation charges, but slow to remind us he was ACQUITTED of these charges. Similarly, the fact that one of Jackson's accusers has rescinded his charge remains missing in recent press reports as well.

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