Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Fiscal Conservative? Who's fooling whom?

The Tea Party says they want to cut the federal budget deficit and curb deficit spending. If true, why are they supporting Republicans, who have not only spent the country into a fiscal hole over the past eight years, but also have only supported proposals that add to the budget crisis moving forward?

For example, Republicans say they oppose cap and trade legislation - legislations that would cut the deficit by $19 billion. They also support saddling the country with another $700 billion by supporting tax breaks for people who make more than a quarter million a year.

Most of the federal budget goes to defense spending. That makes trimming defense budtet waste a high priority. After all, a reported 9 billion dollars simply disappeared in Iraq because of little or no oversight. Yet Republicans are proposing 14billion in new nuclear weapons spending.

Even though the new health care law is projected to slice $138 billion from the deficit, Republicans want to repeal it. And they want to waste money rallying around a legal appeal on the insurance mandate -- one of the key provisions Republicans added to the legislation.

Teabaggers would go a long way to improve their credibility with the American public by supporting policies and politicians who actual help stop the budget crisis instead of help make it worse.

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