Friday, October 29, 2010

Top Ten Codeworks from the Republican Playbook

5. Partisan Politics. Any reasonable attempt to discuss issues and determine the best plan of action, especially if suggested by a Democrat.

6. Common Sense Solutions . 1. Any proposal put forth by a Republican that has already failed when tried previously. Also known as Reaganomics (80s), or supply-side economics. 2.Tax breaks for the richest 2 percent of the population.

7. Unconstitutional. 1. Any Constitutional amendment except the second amendment. 2. Having to do with any of the Constitutional amendments and provisions as outlined in the Bill of Rights beyond the second amendment. Most often seen in issues involving the fourth, fifth and sixth amendements, which insure the right of due process for those facing legal action, protect Americans from illegal search and seizure and forbid cruel and unusual punishment. For example: forbiding protestors from bearing arms during a presidential rally merits outrage for being unconstitutional. No similar protests are warranted when people are wiretapped, detained without charges and tortured in secret detention camps .

8. Entitlement program. 1. Any program that benefits average American citizens over big corporations. 2. The percent of the Federal Budget remaining after military spending. Also known as Medicare, Social Security or Unemployment Insurance.

9. Activist judge. Any judge who supports the 14th amendment or Roe versus Wade.

10. Wasteful Spending (sometimes called Government Waste.) The 12 percent or less of the national budget remaining after earmarks to the military…also known as entitlements. 2. The Federal Budget dollars remaining after Bush-era tax cuts for the wealthy are subtracted.

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