Monday, January 19, 2009

One more day

Day five: One day before the


Today we went to the Senate building to pick up our inaugural tickets. Every door into the Hart Senate office building had a line that extended for almost the length of the building.  I imagine things were about the same over at the buildings for the House of Representatives. Even so, it only took about 20 minutes or so to get in, have our bags checked and make it to the Senator Carper’s office. 

After picking up our tickets

, we took photographs at the front of the Capitol, and walked around as close as we could to the back to  watch the set-up for tomorrow’s inauguration.  Then we walked down to the Silver ticket area to try to

 determine the best and quickest route to the entrance.  Then we tried to determine the best places to stand to get a good photograph.


I tried out my new binocular camera. It works okay, but it's hard to tell what you're shooting. It has a viewfinder, but unlike most digital cameras there’s no screen that shows you what you’ve taken. It’s also hard to see or focus the image through thebinoculars.  

While there, I thought I took a shot of the Indian statue at the top of the Capitol building, but when I downloaded the photographs to my computer, I discovered I had only shot the inscription just below the figure. 

I got a nice close up of the podium, though.  Hopefully I’ll get one good shot during the swearing in. We’ll see…

We ended up walking to the Women's History Museum, which was breaking down an event -- a Brunch for the President-elect. 

We didn't get to see him, though. I photographed what I could then went to check out an exhibit on women photographers, that included Carrie Weems and Nikki Lee.  I looked at the Mary Cassatt and pottery exhibits too.  You could use your cell phone for an audio tour, which was pretty cool.

I guess I'll end at this point. Can't believe tomorrow's the day.

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